Because every startup has a different growth pattern, a different market, a different team... We do not believe in the one size fits all.
All our missions are contextualized for each customer. 
Check out below our main areas of action, contact us to discuss how we can assist.


Brainstorming sessions with the C suite.
Example includes: go to market and sales strategy, international and large enterprise sales, pricing model and large deal structure.
Review the models and value proposal to overcome the difficulties of evangelizing a market while selling at an honorable value.


Training your sales team through a combination of recognized methodologies in a practical and actionable delivery.

The goal: improve forecast accuracy, reduce the sales cycle early qualification, early segmentation, pipeline generation plan.


Make your team field and customer facing ready with a company’s handbook. Sales, Pre Sales, Customer Success, Marketing and Delivery need to align on a single and approved documentation of all functional and business pains, personas to address, impact of use cases, objection handling and more.



For the rare cases when the director of sales has not yet been recruited or when he/she has left an orphan team, we provide interim support to the organization. Tailored to benefit the sales team and the executive, this mission maintains the forecast review and assists in deals progression, pipeline generation and individual sales coaching and development.


Team training: ‘Think and organize like a start-up’
Work with your teams on actionable KPIs, a team building exercise to define measurable actions

Manager training: work with start ups, how to partner and not impose, from changing the POC requirements to RFP competition, how to deal and act with and like start ups to move faster.