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Because every startup has a different growth pattern, a different market, a different team... We do not believe in the one size fits all.

Our mission is consulting missions that are tailored, made, and defined based on your current priorities, maturity, and expectations.

We also do practical and actionable training using your company information and ongoing prospects to kill two birds with one stone: have an impact while learning. 

Check out our main areas of action below and contact us to discuss how we can assist.


  • Sales process (Pipeline, metrics, ACV, and churn)

  • Go to market and value proposition 

  • Technological debt 

  • Team Assessment and Workflow Definition


A new approach to deliver information during an offsite for leadership/ managers/ revenue teams or sales. A collection of best practices to make the most of a short amount of days to bring collaboration, creativity, and new projects through collective intelligence. #nomoreslides and a deep focus on problem market fit will give the boost to your revenue your company needs. Should you wish to organize the operational/physical side of things too, we partner with Teams OOO to deliver a state-of-the-art experience in Lisbon.


  • CRO as a service 

  • Value Proposition and Value Pitch

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Customer and prospect segmentation 

  • Prospecting Masterplan (marketing & sales)


​Have you ever learned about fishing in books?
Neither did we, so we teach you the best methodology with field actions!
We use your own words based on your solutions and your clients, when possible, we use examples from your prospects and clients.


Web design studio


SDRs Modules include:

  • Value pyramid

  • Social selling

  • Spark the first contact and conversation

  • Strong discovery

  • MEDDIC for SDRs

Customer Success modules include:

  • Value Pyramid

  • Account mapping and discoveries
    (new opportunities)

  • Champion building plan 

  • Executive alignment 

  • QBR preparation: Value pitch & KPI trees 

  • MEDDIC for CSMs

Sales Modules include: 

  • Pipeline generation and prospection masterplan (Includes social selling) 

  • Value pyramid

  • Social selling

  • Strong discovery

  • Selling to executive - executive pitch
    (includes exec brief and exec proposal)

  • Value Selling - value pitch

  • Negotiation & Close

  • MEDDIC & Forecast accuracy

  • Deal reviews and progression

Pre-sales modules include: 

  • Strong discoveries with the AE

  • Pre-demo preparation and alignment

  • Influence the decision criteria before the demo

  • Storytelling demos 

  • MEDDIC for Pre-sales

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