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Uppercut First is a consulting and training company, working with European start-ups and scale-ups on improving their revenue architecture foundation.

Caroline does not 'just' look at Sales pipeline, size deals, forecasts, and more.
She looks at the big picture to fix what needs to be fixed and have a revenue impact. 

Her mission includes defining an ideal customer profile to maximize the conversion in % and $, structuring workflows between teams, writing and implementing revenue and sales processes, writing the value proposition for strong prospects and customer discoveries… and more!

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Chief Revenue Officer, Contentsquare

"When Contentsquare decided to upgrade its MEDDIC approach, I looked for a partner that could not only deliver on the content but also operationalize it every day, from lead gen to sales, to sales management.

Huge success for the teams coached by Caroline and Uppercut,
at a time when business performance was key to our fundraising campaign!"

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VP and General Manager EMEA at Gocardless

'We had one mission: level up our MEDDPICC expertise.

We found Uppercut First, but that’s just the surface; like every company, we’re always striving to be better at what we do, to have the best team, and to help them reach the peak of their ability.

That’s how we got to thinking that we needed a real MEDDPICC deep dive. But we got so much more than this. Caroline pushed us, challenged us, made us think differently, and found every pain point quickly.
She can find where your hurdles lie instantly and she will then help you jump over them, over and over again.

Not only are my teams better as a result, but I also have a newfound outlook on my day-to-day job. Uppercut First helped bring clarity to what we do, how we do it, and, more importantly, why we do it.

The enthusiasm and energy Caroline brings into all our interactions is a breath of fresh air for any leader and any sales items willing to up their game'.

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The Founder

The CEO of Uppercut First: She's undergone 3 IPOs (Sprinklr, Datadog, and Confluent Alumni). Today, she is shaking the ground in the tech scale-up world with a revenue architecture approach.
She’s a board advisor, speaker, and author of the awarded business book Popcorn for the New CEO.

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CEO, Cenareo

Sometimes, we come with a need and are offered the solution... But that's different from what Uppercut First does!
We arrived with a need, and Caroline made us discover our problem.

That's where the work began: A long journey that led us to implement a highly structured process. It forced all our company's teams to align toward a common goal.

What if your growth problem came from something other than a pipeline issue but from needing the value proposition and clear understanding of your USPs?

What if your closing problem did not come from a lack of documentation but from a lack of focus and missing out on the most appropriate personas with the necessary personalization?

What if your income problem came from something other than the lack of effort of your salespeople but from how you positioned your offer and pricing?

We worked on, overcame, and implemented these topics with UF. We thought we needed sales training, but we changed our path by fixing the foundations.

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Business Leader / NED/

Caroline is a breath of fresh air. 
She knows what good looks like. She cuts straight to the point and is a great coach and mentor to any revenue organization. 

She assimilates information quickly, isn’t phased by challenging people, and can work to tight timelines.  Personally, I like her no-nonsense approach.  By the way,  she smells BS a mile away!

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CRO, Letsignit

We started our collaboration with Uppercut First 2 years ago now.


When I took office, I asked Caroline to support us on certain strategic subjects: Reflections on GTM and the “ideal” sales organization, and increase our Key Account Sales based on MEDDIC, but she did not stop there.

She worked actively with the members of the CODIR to perfect our alignment with the strategy.


Throughout the mission, each interaction was a fruitful and inspiring discussion, I am grateful for her help in organizing our first kick-off and for her support to the Sales team, which allowed us to ramp up quickly.


The Uppercut First contribution was crucial to our transformation.

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Président Directeur General Sofiouest 

Uppercut First provides exceptional energy and liveliness while improving commercial performance.
Uppercut First makes you work simultaneously on all the levers contributing to this improvement.
Caution: not for the faint of heart!

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