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Uppercut First

In boxing, an uppercut punch delivered with proper technique at the right moment can knock out your opponent, since this movement has always been regarded as one of the most effective punches against adversaries. 

Uppercut First’s team has drawn parallels between the practice and the business world: the best-suited techniques will give you the winning hand when performed adeptly.

There is a tremendous need for sales strategy expertise within European start-ups.

We have great ideas and technologies, but American start-ups scale faster, partly because of their assertive go-to-market strategy, their fail fast experience in sales and marketing.


Caroline Franczia


Founder / CEO

The CEO of Uppercut First, she's undergone 3 IPOs (Sprinklr, Datadog and Confluent Alumni). Today, she is shaking the ground of the tech scale-up world with a revenue architecture approach. She’s a board advisor, speaker, and author of the awarded business book Popcorn for the New CEO. 

Her strength? She’s a caméléon, adapting to any situation and challenging environment. 

Her weakness? She has a sweet spot for people who take the extra mile and dark chocolate.



Sales and Account Management Expert 

With 10 years + of experience as an Account Executive, presales, and enablement consultant, Celia is the Swiss Knife of Uppercut First. To her, revenue is based on three essential criteria: internal and external stakeholder management skills, *

strategic account roadmaps and a sales consultancy approach. In essence, exit the opportunity to bullshit your way out!

Her strength? Laser-focused analytical skills and scary memory: she will remember a conversation from 1995 without flinching.

Her weakness? Addiction to exceptional food. Ask her for restaurants recommendations and the meal she ate there in 1995...

Virginie Abassi


Business Development Expert

Currently EMEA pipeline generation director at Contentsquare she’s a Qualtrics, Sparkup and Questel alumni. From being an SDR herself to growing into a management and more recently a regional leadership role; she’s become the expert at building teams, analyzing and optimising  prospecting processes by being Pipeline generation obsessed.

Her strength? She knows where people fit, finding the exact challenge for the right person to deliver both on people and company growth.

Her weakness? A true Monica from friends…she has to win, always!

Veronica Prato


Chief Design Officer

Currently Brand and product Manager at Champion Spirit Paris, she has a background in fashion management, luxury retail and editorial production,  having worked for Versace and Rimowa, written for Primal Magazine and ModaCL and participated in several fashion productions and partnerships, ranging from Santiago's MBFW, Hublot, LVMH, among others. A boxer aficionado herself, Veronica has supported the entire branding and graphic design for the UF website as well as all digital and physical assets of Uppercut First. 

Her strength? The capacity to challenge requirements to improve rendition. 

Her weakness? Generosity and her pup dog.




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